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Purchased "SEBLOD Form & List Pack". Read the article:


Read many more articles on this topic on this forum.

Tested in "List-List" format. It works! Although there are small problems, but I will solve them.

I do not quite understand why the developers do not provide detailed documentation for a paid product, I think this is not quite normal. So I have to turn to you. Can you tell me the settings in this product? I numbered them:


Sorry, couldn't attach the picture.

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I agree with you that info can be lacking but that is why we as a community need to be more proactive in helping each  other out....

my ideas on answers

1 dont know

2 Use a different search form (I have a list view and use alternate search types depending on user)

3 Qty of results

4 show results starting from ‘n’

5 minimal markup

6 loads more results (I suppose)

7 The mysterious fragment as resource... no-one knows :)

8 Show number of pages

9 I think that would be the page the results are shown on after submitting searxh form... just guessing there

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Thank you, Bucklash
It would be nice if the developers of Extend SEBLOD read your instructions. They could forget what was happening. :)

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