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Viktor Iwan
4 years ago

User Group Seblod's Field Extended

Github:  https://github.com/viktoriwan/Seblod---UserGroup-Extended-Field

This plugin is an alternative of default Seblod's Usergroup plugin. It has extended feature such as

  1. Display the usergroup in checkbox or dropdown format
  2. Filter by specific Parent Group (Example, you like to only list Registered User Group and its child only)
  3. Option to display Parent Group itself in final output or keep it hidden

How to Install

  1. Install Zip Files
  2. Activate the plugin in Extension

How to Use

  1. Add new Field
  2. Choose "User Group - Extended" under Joomla Library (JForm) Group
  3. Parent User ID: Choose Parent
  4. Display Type: Choose to display Dropdown or Checkbox Format
  5. Include ParentID in List: Choose to display Parent Group in final output or keep it hidden

Hope this help your project

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4 years ago
Level 1

Great! Consider adding this to Seblod store (as many other products it can be free)

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