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Hi all,

I am working on implementing a simple workflow system for a site I manage. I have currently achieved this by using a combination of beforestore/afterstore fields and using beforestore to change published value to '0' for moderated groups, and afterstore to email the authorized groups alerting to the new content.
The problem with this method is I would like users to be able to edit their own content, but not take it out of action in that time until the admin gets around to approving the new revision.
I know Joomla has a Versioning system, I have configured this to be activated but I'm looking for guidance into a scenario such as below:
- User edits currently published content, new version is created but new version is not published. Whole article is not unplubished so old version is still active
- Admin opens article, reviews new version and then saves/thrashes version as neccesary

Is what I am suggesting here feasible with Seblod Code Pack?


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I'm sorry, but joomla versioning system is currently incompatible with Seblod as it tracks only chamges in com_content while Seblod stores data in mutiple related database tables

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Cheers Klas!

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