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I'm trying / discovering Seblod and doing a lot of things incorrectly.

For information, I've encounter a SQL error by displaying a list on my frontend because I've create a field and, in the storage part, I've choose :

format : standard

table : content

name : "Nom de famille"

Then, by saving and refreshing my site, I have received this error 

You have an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual that corresponds to your MySQL server version for the right syntax to use near 'de famille ASC,t2.cofog ASC LIMIT 25' at line 6 SQL=SELECT t0.id AS pid,t0.pk AS pk,t0.pkb AS pkb,t0.parent_id AS parent,t0.author_id AS author,t0.cck AS cck,t0.storage_location AS loc,tt.id AS type_id,tt.alias AS type_alias FROM `#__#__core` AS t0 LEFT JOIN `#__#__core_types` AS tt ON tt.name = t0.cck LEFT JOIN `#__#__store_item_content` AS t1 ON t1.id = t0.pk LEFT JOIN `#__#__store_form_organismes` AS t2 ON t2.id = t0.pk ORDER BY t1.Nom de famille ASC,t2.cofog ASC LIMIT 25

With "nom_de_famille" for the fieldname, it's works.

So, small tip, prohibit this type of character (space and other ones) for fieldname.

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All machine names can't have spaces....

like article aliases in urls etc

Drupal is same...

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