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3 years ago

Hi. my form is integrated with another app that brings back text in XML format. When I try to save it in a field, it only stores the value, not the XML tags. 

In javascript - 

document.getElementbyId("myXML").value = x.getmyxml();

The hidden field is stored in the database as a Text because the data could get large. The XML tags are stripped out. How do I store the data "as is" in the database with the XML tags? The integrated application will take care of pulling the data out of the hidden field and displaying it in the div's on the page. 

So that is the process- call an integrated app where a popup window allows the user to select data items, it is brought back to my Joomla application and is displayed in div's with specific ids temporarily. Then to store it, the XML data will go into a hidden field that is stored in the database. Then when the user opens an existing Joomla Seblod article, the XML data is pulled from the hidden field and displayed in the div's in the article using the integrated apps functions/objects.

My Joomla site is in an company intranet and cannot be accessed from the internet.

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