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With the 3.20 seblod release we now can use the webp format since every new upload automatically generates a webp version. Of course we have to use the image typo plugin to use the WEBP (in the extension option of the typo plugin)

but on existing sites former contents (contents that have been created before the 3.20 release) don't have any webp image.

EVEN if you modify the upload image field so that the thumbnails are ALWAYS generated , they are NOT when you are browsing the pages if the _thumbX folders is not empty:  The webp image is not generated since a JPG file already exists!

it seems there has always been an issue with the ALWAYS / ALWAYS IF DOESN'T EXIST : since both seem to behave the same way

How can we FORCE seblod to generate WEBP thumbnails for all these older posts please?



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Hi Cyril

WEBP versions of images are generated on upload, so they are not available for previously uploaded images. I recommend not using the typo plugin, but directly in the template check if webp exists on the server. 

Based on that, create an "picture" element with all available sources.

For old posts (or if the browser doesn't support webp), jpg will be displayed.

I have been using this technique for seblod content for a very long time and I am satisfied



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Thanks for the tip but my question was about the remaining issue that prevents the automatic generation of the Webp thumbnails if some jpg thumbnails already existed.

As I wrote the problem seems to be that the ALWAYS option is handled exactly as the ALWAYS IF EMPTY option. This is not related to the webp feature since this issus has been there from the beginning. 



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Загружая изображения, изображения в формате webp создаются, но отображается в браузере все равно jpg, браузер обновлен.

Также при каждой загрузке указанной страницы производится генерация уменьшенных версий изображений и их конвертация в коде сайта из jpg в webp, из-за чего сайт загружается достаточно медленно.

Hello. Uploading images, images in webp format are created, but still displayed in the browser jpg, the browser is updated. Also, each time the specified page is loaded, reduced versions of images are generated and converted in the site code from jpg to webp, which is why the site loads quite slowly.

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