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I understand
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4 years ago

Hi! When I try to save a new field, "*Available" pops up next to the "Name" field and nothing happens. The new field simply cannot be saved. 

My Joomla version is: 3.4.6

My Seblod version is: 3.7.2

I already modified the php.ini file. Now I have the following values:

max_input_vars: 8000

post_max_size: 50M

memory_limit: 128M

I've already searched this forum and saw that lots of other people have already encountered this problem. None of the suggested worked unfortunately. Please suggest a working solution for this problem as it is very very frustrating. Thanks in advance!

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4 years ago
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Hi Lou,

welcome on SEBLOD forum.

It's certainly due to your host. Have you try on an other host?

The availability is an Ajax request, so by going in Firebug, in the tab "Network" you can have a look on the request to have more information.



1 Post
4 years ago
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Where do you have that php.ini?

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