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Hi Guys, i am working with a seblod field named "Upload JQuery". i am using this field for uploading an image gallery for joomla withing seblod 3.7.2. now i have some troubles with this field, because the image is stored correct, but the Title/Description for each field is used from the last image. example:

1) Image 1 : Title1 : Description1
2) Image 2 : Title2 : Description2
3) Image 3 : Title3 : Description3

In Database:

1) Image 1 : Title3 : Description3
2) Image 2 : Title3 : Description3
3) Image 3 : Title3 : Description3

I have downloaded the current version of seblod 3.8.4 but i can't the Field-Plugin "Upload JQuery" in the installation package

Cheers Markus

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So is the field a Group X field, or is it a custom developed field?

What are the config settings etc?


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Thanx you for your reply, but i really don't know what field type this is - it shows "Upload Jquery" everywhere

This is the copyright from plugins/cck_field/upload/jquery/upload_jquery.php:

* @version SEBLOD 3.x More
* @package SEBLOD (App Builder & CCK) // SEBLOD nano (Form Builder)
* @url http://www.seblod.com
* @editor Octopoos - www.octopoos.com
* @copyright Copyright (C) 2013 SEBLOD. All Rights Reserved.
* @license GNU General Public License version 2 or later; see _LICENSE.php

copyright from plugins/cck_field/upload_jquery.xml

<copyright>Copyright (C) 2013 SEBLOD. All Rights Reserved.</copyright>
<license>GNU General Public License version 2 or later.</license>
<creationDate>October 2013</creationDate>
<description>SEBLOD 3.x - www.seblod.com // by Octopoos - www.octopoos.com</description>

The Field Option you can find here: http://tatutata.at/images/Untitled-1.png

It seems to be the same Plugin used here: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/20658609/joomla-cck-seblod-adding-a-media-field-with-alt-and-title-attribute

As you can see on the first reply, that there should be a update for seblod available - but there is no upload_jquery plugin in the installation package


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So have you inherited this site?

My money is on that plugin being 3rd party.  pulsarinformatique and codigoaberto have developed a few, maybe it's one of theirs?

Anyway, sorry, I have no help to give on this one


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Thanks Bucklash!

@cmaxmedia, such as written in the copyright, this plugin is the property of Octopoos and is not public. We just sell it to specific customers.

Please contact us on http://www.octopoos.com/contact-web-agency.html


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Hi Admin, i have not developed the site, i am the second programmer - Webform sumitted


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