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I understand
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1 year ago


I have discovered with surprise the Upload jQuery plugin group. It looks really promising!!!

I just have a quick question before buy.

How is the media files stored in the database using default mode (in one DB column like fieldX) and what type of content is generated using the mapping mode (article, free storage)?

Thanks for answer


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1 year ago
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Hi iliil,


The main plugin field is CCK Field - Upload Jquery, and work with both

  • Upload File
  • Upload Image

  Images or Files are store on the server as it is set-up in those fields.  

Concerning the storage in database it's using the JSON storage, so you have to define the storage name like that:  column_name[field_name]

For exemple if you define imgs[plane], and have 2 image in your field, the storage in the column "imgs" will be like that:


This storage is true for all modes "Without Mapping" as "With Mapping".  

For the "Mapping" mode, you can generate a content in an other Content Type each time you add an Image or a File in this field. The link between the 2 Content Types is done with an extra Table to make the JOIN.  This mode is usefull as it allow you to display the collection with a SEBLOD Search.

For example, You can create a Image Gallery in a Content Type "Place". 

  • Create the Content Type "Place"
  • Create a Content Type "Gallery" with an Upload Image Field
  • In the Content Type "Place" add an Upload Jquery field "My Gallery", set-up with the mode "With Mapping" on the Content Type "Gallery"
  • ...

With that, each time you will add an image in the Upload Jquery Field, an entry will be created for the Content Type Gallery.

So now you can create a SEBLOD Search Type to display each image, with the template you want (Slideshow, Table, ...).

The Table for the Join is name #__cck_store_join_FIELD_NAME with 3 columns:

  • id: the ID of the main content (Place in this exemple)
  • id2: ID of image for the other Content Type (Gallery in this ecemple)
  • ordering: allow you to order your content mapped

So like you can see, the storage of the content mapped depend on the set-up of your second Content Type. In most of case it's more simple to use "Article" object.

Hope, it will help.


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1 year ago
Level 2

Hello Lionel

First, thanks for your thorough reply.

I purchased, tested the plugin I must say it is absolutely amazing! Ajax upload is really fancy. I appreciate the sortable option and flexible usage in a custom content template. Truly a pleasant surprise that reminds me of the first time I discovered SEBLOD!

Seblod itself is a great environment but features like this make it really invincible!

Thanks for a great plugin


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