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Hey guys,

i thought about a function, that can create joomla / seblod content automatically. Like, i get a xml or json file by a merchant on the web and i want to list every product in there as a joomla / seblod article on my website. How i understand, seblod would extend the content-type with something cryptic like ::cck::76::/cck:: in the introfield of the joomla content, to find the relative seblod content-type, right?

I want to understand the relationship between the seblod and the joomla content type, to automate the process in best case with a regular sql-query.

Edit: I think, i got the logic. To make the joomla content an unique seblod type, it gives the cryptic number in the introtext with the ::cck:: tag (number as auto increment). Like a unique id for seblod per article. The relation between the seblod and the joomla content type is just the same id - this looks easy. I'll try to build this and keep this post updated. :)

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keep going

Don't forget about the #__cck_store-item_content table.. (might have written that incorrectly)  This rable stores values from fields that are not restricted to one contemt type  


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