4 years ago

Hello everyone,

I have a problem in a detail view. It's rendered in the Article Default layout but I need another one. Does anyone have an idea how to call another article layout for the surrounding elements of a Seblod detail view?

I know well how to do overrides for the elements and how to do position overrides, but I need to display the seblod item in a fluid container and the articles in a normal container and try to figure out how :-)



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4 years ago
Level 1

Hi Elisa

you mean you need to have a special general template layout all around the component view or a special seblod override for THIS article ?



4 years ago
Level 2

Hello Cyril,

I mean SEBLOD takes article/default.php view as a surrounding to be displayed. My default.php view has a container and so my seblod item is viewed in the container. But I need it to be outside of the container... and there is where I don't know how to solve it. If I remove the container from my default view and put it in my Seblod Override, my Joomla standard articles have no container anyore.

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