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Hi, I'm very green with Seblod but love it already...

My question is, it seems that I can't use the seblod search/list to retreive a list of article title from a category...when the articles were created with joomla standard article.

If I use the Joomla core article category list, it does the article list...

But if I edited the standard joomla article in Seblod Article Edit with introtext in the first editor and the rest of the article in fulltext editor, then Seblod search/list with see the article in question...Do I absolutely have to create article in Seblod article instead of the joomla core one ?



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7 years ago
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You've hit the nail on the head.

You might be able to export then then import again as seblod but that is a guess. I have no idea

The other way us to do a 'free' query

and select what you beed that way

Some googling will give you examples


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