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I understand
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6 months ago

HI guys

We have a very involved form with several multiple checkbox fields that add up to approximately 750 options to pick from when entering the form.

That is working great and we want to keep checkboxes on the incoming data as it is the most user friendly way for this form and the people who will be using it

I want to create a search list based on this form which also works great

However, I would like the search to have dropdowns where they pick only one option for the checkbox fields

Can this be done and if so, how please

I am new to SEBLOD and not all that experienced with CCK yet so a little guidance would be great



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6 Posts
6 months ago
Level 1

I solved this one myself 

I created a free checkbox field in the app table

Then I created a free dropdown field with all the same options but storing to the same column as the checkbox field in the app table

Then I used the dropdown field in the search form as a filter only

Voila! Works like a charm, only downside is having to create field options twice which for very big searches is very time consuming.

This works for me but if anyone has a quicker or better way to do it, I am still interested in getting guidance



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