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I have a contact form made with Seblod, and I want the message sent to reach my email but I do not want a Joomla article to be created for each message sent. I have tried to set the "none" option to the Content Object * field of the site form but either way an article is created. I have also tested that the form does not have the field to save it in a category, but if that field is not there an error occurs. Any idea how it could be resolved?


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Hola Jimena,

I don't recommend you to change the kind of storage of a content type once it has been created, same for the fields, if you need different storage, create a new field.

If a content type is based on a Joomla article, let it created, it don't bother you, and create another content type with no storage and all its new related fields also with no storage.

Best regards

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