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I have to import about 1000 articles into seblod/joomla.
The articles are saved in a xml-file. My idea is to use "Open talend studio" to transfer the data directly from the xml-file into the mysql-db of joomla/seblod.

I want to import all data in one content type called "society", which is based on joomla articles. The fields that are not part of the joomla article table (#__content), I want to save in a free table called "#__cck_store_society".

Can anybody can tell me, where I can find information about how seblod links the #_content and my custom table?
And how does seblod recognize on what content type an article is based?

Thank you

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If you have your “free” content type set up on Seblod ie tested and working

... then there is the Seblod importer... which might be able to do more than import from csv file, I cant remember, but that would be the main way to import

Free content  gets stored in your free table AND #__cck_core....

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