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I am wondering what would be the simplest approach to creating content items that belong to other content items? So you could have at the top level content item a sport, then teams that belong to each sport, then players that belong to each team.

Idea being you would first create a sport content item, then when creating a team content item you would select which sport it belongs to, then when creating a player content item you would choose which team it belongs to

Then when you view the sport content item you could see a list of teams, and when you view the team you could see a list of players

I met the Octopoos guys at Joomla Day years ago and always wanted to use Seblod. Hopefully this will be my chance! Thank you 

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You can use the groupx features.

Basically you create a content type with its own fields and feature and then "call it" as a field into another content type.

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