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I have a problem in a Seblod project.
There are 5 different content types and it appeared that 4 entries that are in the cck_store_form_mycontenttype table are not available on the website and there is no content item which refers to them with ::cck::9566::/cck:: - but there is a content item refering to another content type.

Now my problem is, how can I make sure that the website is showing really all entries of the database and how can I fix this issue without the loss of linking between the content types. The person is associated with a company and the companies are associated with a job and the notes are associated to all 3 of them.
How could it happen that the system - it seems - overwrites other contenttypes of the past?

Additionally - is it also normal that article ID does not match the linked id? for example

Article ID 9570 ->  ::cck::9566::/cck::

Trying to bring some light into this and hope someone can help me to figure out what happened.

Thank you!

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from what I think have seen here mentioned multiple times, system is not really ready to support parallel item creation. So if you have multiple editors or similar creating content the same time it could happen that architecture is not ready to support this e.g. code tries to guess the id of the next related item in the database before it is really created by reading id of the last item in related table and if you have 2 items being processed at the same time, both will store the same related id and since one will relate to the wrong item.  As article item and cck_core record go in parallel and they rely on eachothers ids it is easy to imagine that something would go wrong if an additional record in any of this 2 tables is created while current item is beeing stored - synch between them would be broken. I am just guessing here, there are strategies to avoid this e.g. to first create both records and than later insert related ids with an update, probably you should ask Saba about what really happens.

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Yes if the items would have been created at the same time I would understand the issue but there was an Item overwritten from the past (2 Years ago) Thats what does not make any sense to me...

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I have no answer for items overwrites but it is normal that article ID does not match the linked id (Article ID 9570 -> ::cck::9566::/cck::). 

"9566" is the id of the item in #__cck_core and it is not equal to Article ID. The Article ID is stored in the PK column there. It is because #__cck_core collects all items across all objects (articles, categories, users etc.) where ID is a unique identifier and PK is ID of Joomla item e.g. article


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