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I understand
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7 years ago

Quite sure this is a somewhat retarded question, but I simply cannot seem to find a solution! As a new Seblod user, and not really a programmer, any help would be greatly appreciated!

Essentially I would like to be able to view all the information submitted about an article on one page (e.g. when clicking on the title field). I have played around with the form and view functions, but the problem with the form function is that i allows editing and the view function only bring the user to a blank page. Any ideas on how I can link my article title (in a list) to a simple display that includes all the fields for that article?

Please help save my day!

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7 years ago
Level 1


Pls check on below:

1. Check whether you have added fields to content 'tab' in SEBLOD workshop (Content Type Editor)

2. check the link assigned to the title field - should be 'Content'

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7 years ago
Level 2

OK, so now I officially feel very stupid :)

Thanks, that worked perfectly!!

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