8 years ago

Hello! I want to add some eventdates to a content-type (with group x) - Date, Time, Venue

And i want to have an output of all events sorted by Date and Venue. If one Event would have only one Date i would knew how to realize this, but how can i show up one content type in the list more times with each date?


Article: Elvis Presley, dates 10.10.2014 Paris, 21.10.2014 Munich, 12.12.2014 Madrid

Article: Madonna, dates 14.10.2014 Paris, 18.10.2014 Munich, 21.12.2014 Madrid

List on Homepage

Elvis Presley 10.10.2014 Paris details -> click on details shows up the Article with description and all dates

Madonna 14.10.2014 Paris details

Madonna 18.10.2014 Munich details

Elvis Presley 21.10.2014 Munich details

Elvis Presley 12.12.2014 Madrid details

Madonna 21.12.2014 Madrid details

Do anyone have an idea?

Thanks and Regards,


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