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8 years ago

Looked around for an answer to this one but without any luck, so trying to see if anyone can help me... 

I have created a Simple Select field that I linked to a Field X on the site form. I want to be able to link a number of options (based on the simple select) to the articles that can then be searched (using the field x). Guess this would essentially be the same as tagging. Want the user to be able to select one or several of the options defined in the search, which i why i used the Field X function. 

Everything works on the storage side of things (e.g. if i add the Field X to the content it shows up correctly), but the search function does not work, so when I select one or more of the terms in the search page nothing happens. It all works OK if i use checkboxes (so not using the Field X at all), but the list of options is quite long... so would be great to have it as a Field X. 

Any ideas of what I may be doing wrong?

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