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I understand
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1 year ago

Here's the context.
I created a Seblod form that contains 2 steps. It works very well in an article.
But I have to put it in a modal. I use the native modal function of Joomla.
My problem:
When I press the Next button of the form the rest of my form and executed outside my modal.
I searched several solutions especially in JS. But still the same problem. If anyone has an idea or a solution.

Thank you Jean-Marc

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1 year ago
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I have never tried this, but if you have a form with two stages ie 1 and final, then maybe you can add a js field assigned to stage final that triggers the modal. Have you tried this?

Activates your content as a modal. Accepts an optional options object.
$('#myModal').modal({  keyboard: false}).modal('toggle')
Manually toggles a modal.
Manually opens a modal.
Manually hides a modal.
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