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8 years ago

Hi! I hope some one can explain me this issue i have!

I have set up a Form&Content Type with the Field "Article Fulltext" or "art_fullttext" and i have set this filed to required...

This is what happens:

If a user don´t fill anything in and clicks on save he dont't gets the message "This field is required"  instead the page jumps and a error Box is shown on top wich says "This Filed is Required - art_fulltext" and he must redo his submisson.

Should i use a other Editor where the required validations works better or is there a work a round for this?

Or can somebody confirm the same issue with this?

sry for my bad english, i hope some one can help me with this!

Thank you in advance

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8 years ago
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Hi Teddy,

WYSIWYG editors have a ton of javascript going on, particularly complex ones like JCE. I think it's probably too complex to manage javascript validation on these fields. The validation you see is PHP validation which is only performed after the form is submitted.

I would try a simpler WYSIWYG editor to see if it works better. If that fails, just a textarea field.



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