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9 years ago

hello!! It's all right?

I have a GROUPx
with 2 fields
1 text
2 checkbox

need to do searches of these two fields
within GROUPx
I created a text field
Jquery with where I copy all the text field inside the text field
The Jquery works
but the data is not saved in the database!
What am I doing wrong, it's been two weeks that I am on it!
I'm doing this in the form of user registration

But not saved in the database!

My Jquery script (override site Form)

<script type="text/javascript">
(function( jQuery ){
      jQuery.fn.valList = function(){
            return jQuery.map( this, function (elem) {
                  return elem.value || "";
            }).join( "," );
})( jQuery );
//submit button when clicked executes the function

      // alld1 copies all input text groupx
      // Id > cck1r_grupox my groupx 
    var alld1 = jQuery('input:text', jQuery('#cck1r_grupox')).valList(); 

    //Write in the text field all text fields groupx


I hope someone help me, I'm going crazy because it does not work!

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