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4 years ago

Hi all

Probably you know it, but anyway.

I wanted to show list of products on page and set that default search fields are hidden and seen is only module search in module position and I can add in same position additional other modules

1. create List&Search type (name A) (This will be menu item)
2. duplicate it. (name B) (This will be module)

3.Menu item points to name A
3.1. In this List&Search type place all your Mainbody fields which are for filtering to Hidden position (probably Hidden variation works also). At this moment List&Search menu item shows all articles needed, but there is no filtering fields.
4. Make new module above your articles with List&Search and enable it

Works nice.

What I found out is that you need both these searches to be identical, if field is missing on hidden side it will filter wrong or not at all. This is important!

And now you can put another module beside search module for another info.


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