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Hi forum group, I would like to use the data that users enter in the form when they register on the site. 

example: I create a new user form where I also enter the place and date of birth. 

Then a user enters a form with various information. When I view this information in content type, can I also view the user with date and place of birth?

it's possible? how can I do ? thanks everyone for the help.


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Hi louispapera

To answer your question: yes you can use the user data in another form. You can use live value->user in your SEBLOD form field settings and select any user property you want.

But from what you write you seem to need to render the author data more in the content view, not a form? In that case, I would not recommend re-store the user data in your custom content type but joining user tables and rendering user data dynamically in your content template instead.

Hope it makes sense

Good Luck


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2 years ago
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Hi Michal, many thanks, I will try and I will inform you soon.

Regards, Louis

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