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9 years ago


During registration appears message:

"Your account has been created and an activation link has been sent to the email address you entered. Note that you must activate the account by clicking on the activation link when you get the email before you can login."

I added this message to the configuration tab.

The problem is that the same message is displayed when the user edits their profile.

What to do when you save changes to the profile, there is another message diasplayed?

Thank you.

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9 years ago
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What is your setting in the configuration of the email field for "Send E-mail"?

Is it "Always"?

Try "Submission" instead.

Hope it helps.

9 years ago
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Hello Vasja,

in the beforestore event you can change this message as the type of message.

This can be done in the $config value :

  • $config['message'] = 'my new message'
  • $config['message_type'] = 'warning';

you can change the message depending on the workflow (add / edit) or depending on some other fields in the form by checking the variable $fields.



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