4 years ago

Hi folks!

I have a problem on a site with module settings. I have such image in all modules for Content Type and for L&S:


It's in Russian, but you can understand that it's message about illegal security token. I removed cache, deleted all records from #_session table. It doesn't matter - the message is here. As result - I can't override live values of forms and searches in modules and I forced to create similar forms to put another live values to fields. It's not conveniently in work...

I'll be very pleasant for any ideas. Joomla and Seblod - the last versions. 

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4 years ago
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I think I had something similar and from that I assumed that live values from l&s sometimes took precedence over module live values so i took them out and only used live values in module etc.

I think it was for calendar based live values. 

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