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Hi i have two doubts..

1) I am Migrating a Drupal website do Joomla+Seblod.

I created a Content Type called 'Relatorios' where i have to put many files, but each group of file need to have a specific TITLE( so i will have a COLLECTION )..

Create a fieldx of a 'upload file field' is not sufficient... so i created another content type called 'Relatorios Collection' with a 'text field'( for title of the collection) and a 'fieldx' field for files..

After i created a Groupx in 'Relatorios' calling 'Relatorios Collection' , but when i go to the admin form, the fieldx inside of the groupx dont appear.. only the word ARRAY..

I looked here at the forum, and see that nexted fieldx/groupx is not supported...but its is 1 year ago.. Do you have a estimative to its works or a alternative??

2) I Created a Form with a field 'ARTICLE RELATED', and after a FIELDX ( to put more articles ) but the list of the 'related articles' in frontend is very big in some situations!! Looking at the Drupal site i looked that is possible to make a pagination of this list ( not the pagination of the list type )... its possible to create a pagination of a fieldx in seblod??


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6 years ago
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Hello Dorneles,

nothing change on the fieldX and groupX until now.

We have an other solution in developement, with a field named "Tag" with which you can insert content from a content type A into an other content type B...

Then, in the content view of the content type B, you just have to use a search type to display content inserted.

Be free to contact Octopoos if you are interesting in this kind of feature.



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6 years ago
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Hi Lionel, i have interest in it, clicked at the link above(http://www.seblod.com/contact) days ago but i have no answer.. 

i dont know about the difficulties but nested fieldx/groupx or similiar should to be a priority. :)


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