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Hi folks

No idea what I have done, or what has caused this but I am unable to select a template for any view.

If I change values in #__cck_core_types to correct this it works, but view reverts back to the classic "oops, no template found' and I have to adjust the value in db again.

I could have done something but any clues would be great.


I can see where the template styles are allocated:

#__cck_core_types  // here you allocate a template style to the view (ie site, admin, content, intro)

I can see the template styles settings:

#__template_styles // any specific setting saved by the user

I can see where the positions settings are stored for each template style:


But I can not see where Seblod is told what template to use....


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query used in template dropdown is

SELECT DISTINCT a.template AS value, CONCAT(b.title," - ",b.name) AS text FROM #__template_styles AS a LEFT JOIN #__cck_core_templates AS b ON b.name = a.template WHERE b.id AND b.mode=0 ORDER BY b.title

so beside mentioned tables you also need to look at #__cck_core_templates.

Template to be used for each view is stored as all other type settings in the #__cck_core_types

Try running the above query manually and see if you get any results/errors.

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Hi Klas

Thanks for that

I ran the query manually and received a 'good' result

VALUE: seb_one

TITLE: One - seb_one

Will hopefully get more chance to dig around tomorrow

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