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6 months ago

I am having a problem accessing a Contact Form designed with SEBLOD after upgrading from Joomla 3 and SEBLOD 3 to Joomla 4 and SEBLOD 4. The Contact Form has several options for different reasons a user might contact the site owner. So there are several live variables set up in the form.

In the main menu I set up a standard menu item which calls the Contact Form. Public users can submit the form and this works perfectly.

On another page, I have a button which calls the link located in the menu: 

When using the button / link, I get an error "not allowed to access this resource". I also get the same error if I manually paste the link the address bar. 

When Im logged in, the button / link works, but the variables are not set.

This worked fine in Joomla 3 and SEBLOD 3 so it appears to be an issue with SEBLOD 4...

Anyone else having issues with this??

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