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Hello gentlemen,

I want to build a sport contest managing system with SEBLOD. In a list you should find the results of the contest paticipants. The columns of the list should be: placement, name of the sportsman, breadth of the best shot. Every participant has 5 shots, so every shot will be different. We will insert every result via the backend, so the list will be changed permant. How can I realize that the column "placement" will be static while the other 2 columns will be variable. For example:

1. pass      placement    sportsman    breadth
                  1.                 Henry            17,35 m
                  2.                 Frank             17,26
                  3.                 William           16,99

2. pass:      1.                 Frank             18,02
                   2.                 William           17,48
                   3.                 Henry             17,35
and so on.

You can see that Henry had his best shot in the 1. pass so only this result counts. 
I hope you understand what I mean. Thank you very much for your interest.

Regarding - Fido
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7 years ago
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Hi Fido,

Welcome to the SEBLOD forums.

Please take a moment to review the documentation in the Manuals section.It would also be helpful for you to be familiar with the SEBLOD storage methodology in this tutorial and videos.

For what you want to accomplish, you simply need to use a search type using a sort order, first on Pass, then on breadth (or placement). 

Two basic steps, build a Contest Content Type:
In your Contest Content Type, the fields you would want: Pass, Placement, Name, Breadth, perhaps some other items like contest name, contest date etc.  The name field could be from the users...

Second step, build the search type.  A good example can be found here.

Check out the demo templates, you might find them useful too  - you could display your statistics in a chart form...

Hope that helps,


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