10 years ago

Hi everyone,

I want to display a first form in a page, then to display another form when the first one is submitted without reloading the page. 

So I need to post my first form in ajax.

But I can't find out how? I can modify the submit button to put my submit button instead that will make an ajax call, so this isn't the problem. Problem is: which URL must I call?

I've tried to call the "action" property of the form, it gives nothing.

When I look at the url it's logic: "/index.php?option=com_cck&lang=fr" can't be enough!

So if you could please help me and tell me what parameters I must give him....

In advance thanks!

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8 years ago
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I'm trying to do the same thing... did you ever found a way of doing this using Seblod?

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6 years ago
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Hello friends

I happened to need this  now  and so I just wanted to ask you if you have found a suitable way to submit SEBLOD content form by AJAX. As SEBLOD itself doesen't have this functionality (there's no such as URL), I was thinking to help myself my custom form fields in the content template and  for actual ajax submition use  Joomla com_ajax and SEBLOD JCckContent object (I use this object quite often to submit content by code).

Does anybody have such as experience?

Thank you


6 years ago
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seems there is no generic way from Seblod tools here. So we developped it but it is much too connected to the project, it is not a generic system


5 years ago
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Hi Michal

The only missing part for me is that token code I can't get in Js with  Joomla.getOptions("csrf.token")

Once I get token= Joomla.getOptions("csrf.token") It seems weird to put the token value=1 in the url

Is that the right syntax ? can't find the code where to check



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