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I understand
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11 months ago

Hi there,

I have a public seblod form for users to declare their join to a society.
For data protection reasons, the content, which is saved, has to have the super user access level.

Is this possible? As now, when I try to save the form with the access-level put to super-user, nothing is saved. 

I also thought about saving the content and writing a plugin which does a "onContentAfterSave"-action, to change the access-Level.

But maybe there exists a more simple solution.  :-)

Thank you

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11 months ago
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If not plugin them just use an beforestore/afterstore field.

If you can change value beforestore then will have to do afterstore.

$fields[‘art_access’]-value = 8;

or reload from db ...

11 months ago
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Hello Wolfgang Claus,

simply put the live value as "Super User" on the field "Access":  

and put the variation "hidden" on this field.


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