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Is this possible with Seblod?  I had a change in our user enrollment form and I'm trying to think how to pull this off with Seblod.  Below is the wire diagram.  Mind you this should all be in one page.

So first step is Enter the Company ID and then click Search.  If found the Company Name should populate/prefill in Step 2.  

* There are more fields for the user to fill out, but I removed that to keep this example simple.


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I thought about that, BUT the issue is there is a requirement that I don't share the Company ID like we would be in a select dropdown.   We also don't want users accidentally signing up under the wrong company.

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I don't understand your reply but what about this:

Workflow: Add

Form with one Field to check company name (using Seblod validation).

Save button could say 'Search' or whatever

Workflow: Edit

Display Renaming Fields 

Now for workflow: Add...

  1. If validation successful, allow user to save form
  2. Using beforestore field grab required data from db.
  3. assign data to relevant $config['storages']['some_table']['some_field'];
  4. When form reloads, it will be in workflow edit, and data will be there..... 

That said, you will need the user to click en edit button to continue completing the form, so if your redirect skills are good then you could redirect to edit view after the first time form is saved....
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