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I welcome 

I would like to use one filter on two list&search. 

While one list&search is the main content of the page, and the second is the module. In the first search&list I take out routes, and in the second geopoints of routes. The second list is significantly more but so it is necessary to me. Now I try to solve a problem how to use the uniform filter on two of these lists. For example having specified country='ukraine' in search form of the first list it is expected records of the first list are filtered as well as has to be. Now I want to apply "hack" and to call variables for filtration in the second list the same names. 

For this purpose I want to apply plug-ins of search_join+search_query but to construct logically communications for such fields of search as country='ukraine' still is possible and here for the tag field I don't represent as. 

Actually a question as it is correct to solve such problem: 

1. it is correct to construct inquiries for selection of the connected fields participating in the list No. 1 filter 2. to add to the list No.

2 missing fields through a plug-in of Form & List Pack but whether will give the chance "to synchronize search" and whether has іуидщв such possibility of search? 

3. whether this task in principle is solved:)? I will be grateful for council

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as soon search is submitted, search variable will be in the url so you can pull them into the second list using Url live value plugin.

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