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1 year ago

Hi dear Seblod Community,

I have a form which works usually fine. But when a user stays longer on the site and then sends the form, it doesn`t work. It leads to the url:

Beside some usual fields like text field, checkbox, freetext etc, I have also these hidden fields in my form:

  • Art Category
  • Art Access
  • 42 (for getting the current url because the form appears on every site)
  • Art State
  • 2 Emails (one for the admin, one for the requesting person)

Any idea?

Kind regards


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4 months ago
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Hi Pixenlneco,

Is the problem still here?

If yes, public or registered access? If registered, maybe the user gets disconnected because of the inactivity...

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4 months ago
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Hi Olivier,

it still happens. It is a multisite project and it happens with public users (there is no registration)

After a while on a page (sorry, did not stop the time, but around 30-40 min?), this message appears after sending the form:
"Die Anfrage wurde zurückgewiesen, da der Sicherheitstoken ungültig ist. Bitte die Seite aktualisieren und es dann erneut versuchen."

which means (according to deepl): The request was rejected because the security token is invalid. Please refresh the page and try again. 🙂

Best regards

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