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Hi guys,
I'm running SEBLOD 3.20.1 (not a new installation, but from older updates) and I'd have to update to the last 3.20.2.

On the last 3.20.2 Changelog you added a Note: "Alongside ^ Edit/Form Link Behaviour change from SEBLOD 3.20, one SQL was applied to update the configuration in order to keep the behaviour... but it was only applied in one use case instead of 3."
Please, What do you mean exactly ? What do you mean with "Alongside ^ Edit/Form Link Behaviour" ?

"...The 2 other queries are now included in the 3.20.0.sql file (for those who have not already updated)..." = It is not my case, Am I right ?
"...For those already using 3.20.x, you can choose to apply the following queries manually: ..." = I should follow these instructions and run these 2 queries, Am I right ?

1. (required if a "cck_form" link for a "ADD NEW" behaviour is assign on a intro/content view)

UPDATE `#__cck_core_type_field` SET `link_options` = REPLACE( `link_options`, '"form_edition":"1"', '"form_edition":"0"' ) WHERE `link` = 'cck_form' AND `link_options` LIKE '%"form":%' AND `link_options` NOT LIKE '%"form":""%';

2. (required if a "button_free" field for a "ADD NEW" behaviour is assigned on a intro/content/list view) on a search form configuration is OK even for edit, as no pk is set

UPDATE `#__cck_core_fields` SET `options2` = REPLACE( `options2`, '\\\"form_edition\\\":\\\"1\\\"', '\\\"form_edition\\\":\\\"0\\\"' ) WHERE `type` = "button_free" AND `options2` LIKE '%\\\"button_link\\\":\\\"cck_form\\\"%' AND `options2` NOT LIKE '\\\"form\\\":\\\"\\\"%';

Please, Can you help on understand on When and exactly How I should apply these 2  queries ?

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Hi Joomleb,  

You can run these queries in phpMyAdmin and you don't have to worry about the version. If the DB fields are already modified in your version of SEBLOD the queries won't change anything.



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Hi Michal, 

really many thanks for your reply (and helping). 
I run them and, in my case, 3 rows on the second one were updated...

2 years ago
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i have also same issues...please guide me

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