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Hi there

I'm not sure whether I "miss the forest for the trees", or where the problem lies.

I have a textarea in a site form (set up as a contact form), where  the user can entere a message.
Now I would like the form to send an e-mail with the information to the client (and the site). This works fine.

However, the line breaks in the textarea don't transfer.

Instead of

Dear Mr so and so
bla bla

I get

Dear Mr so and so bla bla

I have tried using either #message# or $cck->getValue('message'); , unfortunately to no avail :(

What am I missing?

many thanks

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Hi Michael

I have just created a test form to try out the email field (never used it before!!), after a bit of confusion and silly mistakes I have it working perfectly.

 - I set up a vanilla Joomla installation, added Seblod, then created a new content type based on article.

        (Image: email-01)

 - I created 2 text fields {"submitter_name_article", "submitter_email_article"} for the user to enter their name and email address.

        (Image: email-02, email-03)

 - I added the Fulltext field

        (Image: email-04)

 - Next I created a new email field and placed it in the hidden position with storage set to none, and configured it as shown.

        (Image: email-05, email-06, email-07)

 - An email screenshot is shown where you can see all the carriage returns are honoured...

        (Image: email-08)

So the question is: What have you changed, what settings or configs are different?

Are you using a different editor?



[Image: email-01]

[Image: email-02]

[Image: email-03]

[Image: email-04]

[Image: email-05]

[Image: email-06]

[Image: email-07]

[Image: email-08]

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Hi bucklash

Thanks for your field test. I recreated it and apparentely, when using a WYSIWYG textarea, the line breaks carry over. However, when using a plain textarea (as I am doing), this doest not seem to work, despite the fact that there are processing settings that you can set on how to handle linebreaks. So far i have played around with those settings, but had no luck...

For security reasons, i don't really want to use a WYSIWYG field on the public part of the website - especially because there are some content plugins runinng that extend the editors a bit. I can always hide these buttons with CSS, but the code will still be there..

So, unfortunately no permanent satisfiny solution in sight yet...

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By chance I found something else out:

even stranger is the fact that when you use a textarea to save some text into the db, the line breaks are preserved.
This makes me somehow think maybe it's a problem with the e-mail field?

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Hi Michael_S,

Which linebreak configuration do you used on textarea setting? (<br> or <p>)

Which email format do you used? (plain text, html..)

Note: Thanks a lot Bucklash!


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Hi Bes

Sorry for the delay, I was away for a couple of days.

I have tried both, <br> and <p> configuration in the textarea, neither does work

The E-Mail format is currently set to html
I will try out plain text and text as html tomorrow and let you know about the results!

kind regards


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having the same problems: No line break in the email.

I have tried it with all mentioned textarea options and email formats.

Any advice?

Thanks Papi

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