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I understand
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4 years ago

Hi Sebloders

Any body experienced extra fields in their admin form?


EDIT: I have discovered that the addition of PayPlans causes this odd behaviour (not saying anything bad about payplans)...


I created a Content Type based upon the "usergroup" object.
In the "Admin View" I have ZERO fields assigned.
I have ZERO position variations in place or overrides.
If I create content in the back end, I see the fields:
{"Title", "Alias", "Parent", "Status", "Access"}
I assume it is showing the Standard Joomla view.
This applies if I add fields, too.
Is this a world first?
Any tips or suggestions on where to look?



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4 years ago
Level 1

Hi Bucklash,

thank you for your involvement in the forum and the support provided to the community.

Here I'm not sure to follow you.

Basically in fresh SEBLOD installation, there are 5 fields related to the User Group Content type :

  • User Group Id
  • User Group Parent Id
  • User Group Tags
  • User Group Title
  • User Group Title (Back-end)

So if you have more than that, it's because you have certainly added them.

You can add any custom field you want in administration / Site form of the User Group content type. Just respect the storage to "User Group" object.

And more, if you need a content view, you can activate the bridge in the plugin CCK Storage Location - Joomla! User Group, like for Users.



1272 Posts
4 years ago
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Hi Lionel

EDIT 1: I have found that a category form is being loaded, these are the extra fields... this category is ALSO being loaded when adding new users in admin area...trying to find out why
EDIT 2: I have also found that in extensions/manage/manage I can only view unpublished items, any filtering doesn't work... damn it, something in my Joomla site is amiss. It's not to do with Seblod.... digging deeper

I answer questions to help me learn, purely selfish reasons :) and because Seblod is ... amazing!!

In answering another post I noticed that I couldn't see the list of content based upon usergroup object when placed in a module. However, in another test site I can. I can not see any difference between any configuration or db setting, so as an example, if I remove ALL fields from the content type, I still see the fields mentioned in the post above.

I know I have changed/altered something, but can't work out what.

I stared at the db tables and compared them with my other test site for hours but no joy...


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