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Hello everyone

I'm trying to add the users id to their profile article alias when they register or edit their profile. For example, when the user registers an article is automatically created for them in the Users article category. I want the alias for that article to have the users id (not the article id). Like Title: My Name. Alias: 103-my-name. I am using Seblod Code Pack

This BeforeStore only inputs the first and last names: $config['storages']["#__content"]["alias"] = $fields["art_id"]->value . '-' .$fields["user_first_name"]->value . '-' . $fields["user_last_name"]->value;

Thank you

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Have a look at the user plugin, might be the option there.

Also, if the user is registering then they do not have an ID ‘beforestore’.

They only have an ID ‘afterstore’.

See https://www.seblod.com/resources/manuals/developer/manipulating-content-joomla-user

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