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Our site is


Now , our site struct is we had 2 directoreis, One "Digital Directory" Second "Job Board"

So we create 2 joomla catagories

a) Directory

b) Job board

Now we we had put all data in the articles, the issue and made 2 seblod apps and seperate forms for each

Now when we pull data both of them are showing same results that same articles.

How we can tell Directory app to pull data only from the joomla catagory "Directory"

and how we can tell seblod "job board" app to pull data only from joomla catagory "job board"

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Hi swapty

Probably need more info to properly help out here...

Did you save the articles with the correct "catid"?

Is it one page or form for one "Directory", and another page or form for "Job Board"?

What have you got in your "Search Form" for your "Search & List Type"?

Setting the Live value to the relevaant "catid" should do it

A SQL Query might be like this ie

    SELECT a.title, a.other_db_column, b.other_column etc
    FROM #__content AS a, #__store_form_my_content_type AS b
    WHERE a.id = b.id
    AND a.catid = 27 (or whatever the id for that category is)

Allow for errors ;)



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