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Hi folks

EDIT: I have since worked out a way to add value to #__menu.params.menu-meta_description dynamically. link to a tutorial: alter-a-value-in-another-tables-params-data

Hope to get some hints on how to add a value to #__menu.params['menu-meta_description']

I have an article content type, which creates a single article menu item using afterstore field.

I made a big error and forgot to add data to 'menu-meta_description'.

In my Afterstore I have working code like this:

<del>$objectLF->link = 'index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id='.$artId;</del>

but I am not sure on how to do the json bit. This has no effect:

<del>$objectLF->params["menu-meta_description"] = 'Lesson File: '.$artTitle;</del>

I finish off the code with this:

<del>// Update details in the menu table using id as the primary key.
$result = JFactory::getDbo()->updateObject('#__menu', $objectLF, 'link');	

Thansk for any help


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