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Hey All,

     I hope this is ok to post here.... I'm developing a rather large (for me anyways) SEBLOD site, to include custom article, user, galleries, message systems, events (with reservations system) and other items.  I've developed on both Godaddy instance of Joomla and AWS Lightsail of Joomla.  Both have different issues witch complicate development.  My question is, is there a service out there that offers and installation of Joomla that is sound enough to develop on, or is it better to manually install Joomla on a server. 

     I know this is not a specific SEBLOD question, but since I am developing mostly in SEBLOD I thought I'd get some opinions on what is the best way to set up the site.



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Well - in my personal experience - the best solution if you are serious with web development is to use own virtual server that enables you to configure it to your own needs. Joomla specialized hosters like Cloudaccess should be ok too.

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