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How do I achieve a blog article structure like this:



My blog articles get listed under a different parent directory than the list of blog posts,
as soon as I assign a hidden menu item for the item view link (to be able to assign a different template to the articles)

resulting in



I tried to make this article view - menu item a "menu item alias" (System Links),
to use the same alias as the List menu item,
but SEBLOD doesn't seem to like that
and produces a non-SEF URL - but even if I click on that one,
it gives me a standard Joomla content unavailable error message.


Was anyone able to get a blog article structure like shown above?

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7 years ago
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First of all there is a general rule I try to follow: try avoid hidden menus!

It breaks the breadcrumbs and the SEF rewritting.

Try to only use Seblod lists in your navigations if possible. In your example you would have to create a menu item 'blog' on the seblod list of the posts.

Are you sure you need ti use a different template for each post ? What do you try to do exactly please ?


7 years ago
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Thanks, cyril

the separate template is not different for each post.
The List display is with one template, the posts with another one.

I like the Joomla Category Blog, because it lists all posts directly under the menu alias,
But it's not as flexible as SEBLOD lists.

7 years ago
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I have now decided to place the article related menu item under the main blog list menu item,
so the SEF path is maintained.

To prevent Google and visitors from accessing the duplicate list,
I have hidden the menu item and redirected it to the parent URL directory.

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