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I understand
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3 months ago

Hello Everyone!

Seblod 3.16.3
Joomla 3.9.16

I've a problem with the multisite configuration, but before I ask for this, I wanted to update my Seblod to the newest version 3.18.1
When I go to Extensions -> Manage -> Update I can read:

→ For SEBLOD Core Package, please refer to the "Compatible up to:" info on the homepage of
If the version number matches your Joomla! version, feel free to update directly from here.

Now ... I can't see or find any "version number" on the seblod homepage that could match - can anyone give me a hint?
(I've studied computer science so assume me to be a complete and blind idiot) ;)

Beside that: "directly [...] here" it doesn't show me anything at all that looks like an update for my seblod. Is there any (secret/hidden) setting that I have to change before?

Thank you in advance for any helpful hint!


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3 months ago
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I just install extension as if doing for first time

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3 months ago
Level 2

Lucky you ... but I can't see how your answer helps me :/

Lucky me! Found out that this works here, too! Thank you! :)

1272 Posts
3 months ago
Level 3

I don’t think seblod does anything the “joomla way” :)

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