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This is a kind request for help. 

I have a content type Products which contains a groupX field for product documents. By an oversight I set a wrong storage for groupX field and content is stored as a part of #__content introtext. I would like to fix this and let the field content store in its correct db column, but the problem is that my client already submited more than 300 products (including the documents) and by changing of the storage ->the data will be lost.

So is there a reasonabe way (db process)  to change the sotrage of groupX field without losing the content?

I tried to help myslef with SEBLOD Import / Export plugins but it seems the content of nested groupX fields is not exported.

Thanks for a possible help


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What about using phpmyadmin or sequel pro etc to update the info with a string search and replace and then change the storage in #__cck_core_fields to what you need

Also, edit db table columns as/if  required 

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