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Hello Seblod Family,

we would like to use Seblod to display our dogfrisbee competion series with "teams profiles", "event results" and a "ranking list". We are looking for a solution for so long and we thing Seblod can make it happen.

What we need are a few hints to get the connections between:

- Teamprofils: We manage to set team profile for dog and owner. http://test.discrockers.com/de/judge-n-play/judge-n-play-team/1410-airholmes.html
 It would be great to have lists of the events results that the team attended within the profile. I guess we can handle that with the relationships and modules. Something like this http://freestyledisc.org/profile.jsp?player_id=1244&top=y
We would like to add the teams manual and give joomla users the option to add/edit some infos to there own profile.

- Event Results: what would be the best method to display every single event in a list and connect them to the profile so the team can see what events the attended and what results they had. I guess also with the relationship of articles. But, how can we connected about 50 competitiors within on article to there profile

- Ranking http://test.discrockers.com/de/judge-n-play/judge-n-play-team.html

Sorry for my bad english. I hope you understand what we are trying to do and it would be great to get some help or ideas how to do it. Maybe someone has done something simular before...any link is welcome.

We love and tried the tutorials from James Morrell http://www.youtube.com/channel/UCKlMPUVqiJBo1R0pbn8k7Bw?feature=watch

and ScreendesignWhykiki http://www.youtube.com/user/ScreendesignWhykiki?feature=watch

best regards

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one of the limitations with seblod is what they call a cascade plugin. ie. field based on another. 

when this is available some great extra functionality will be introduced.

we looked at something like this for team and decided against and made it simpler to start with.

currently we are looking to do for another team in Drupal as has relationships and are fairly easy to achieve, so maybe investigate that as an option as well.

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