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7 years ago

Hi Folks

I am SEBLOD novice, Joomla! intermediate

I have been playing with Joomla for a while now and am firmly wanting to get going with SEBLOD.

I am curious about concepts and similarities with Drupal, to help with my understanding and transition.

For example, if anyone knows about Organic Groups, that uses a 'hidden' content type on which all other content types are associated with, kinda like the hub of a bicycle wheel and the spokes - the spokes are all indirectly connected by the hub. 

Is this the same sort approach that one would consider undertaking in SEBLOD? (I know that it depends on the context, but it might just be that it is not even necessary).

Also, it seems that SEBLOD pretty much is VIEWS, PANELS,  DISPLAY SUITE, RULES, and possibly TOKENS(?).

Is this correct, or is it mildly true and there are huge differences.

If the questions have been answered before then please direct me and I will have a read.

I am going through the tutorials one by one so will be back with many questions.... keep an eye out for me :)


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1281 Posts
7 years ago
Level 1

I am wondering if the Drupal concept of tokens  (variables) are defined by Joomla core, or whether you just use the database name ie user_id, and whether you can create your own in the back end (using Seblod UI or adding custom php/sql stuff)?


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