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I understand
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6 months ago

I'm a total newbie - I've been looking a documentation, plugins, some videos...  ...haven't found the answer...

To start I want to create a simple application. Example - an Equipment Maintenance app.  It is a basic Create Read Update Delete application with a parent-child data structure.

The app. will use 2 tables (Maint & Activity)   Main = Parent; Activity = child

Each Maint record will have one or more Activity records.

Front end:
- a list of Maint records displays with Activity records under the Maint. record.
- select a Maint record
- edit Maint record
* add or edit Activity records

Does Seblod do this?

Can you point to any documentation / tutorials / examples?


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6 months ago
Level 1

yes it does this.

maint and activity would be based on article object.

create list of maint records.

in each list item, have a list field, with related Activity records (or have a module field - and the module will be a list but list field is easier when passing parent values to child)

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6 months ago
Level 2

Thank you.

Can I not - create two new tables outside of Joomla's article / category structures?

Peace & Joy,


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6 months ago
Level 3


Object “free”...

Seblod still has to know about it (i.e. entry in #__cck_core) so create a content type based on free object.

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