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We have a "complex" website that we are making we seblod v3.

I have 3 kinds of content with seblod 3:   1) User    2) Details Profile   3) Activity

Each is working well separatly.

But i want to have a Content (called "Dashboard") that take some infos from User, some from Profile and some from Activity. All for exemple with same user  (let's say for example user id:50)

So if i want to go and see the Dashboard of a member, i have a problem for displaying and linking informations.
Some are displaying, some don't, depends of the Content type.    I tried to use the Search Form, with using the user Id as search field, but it doesn't take the informations from all the 3 content type. It takes only from 1.

Anyone have an idea on how to do it?


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10 years ago
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Hello Lezabour,

There are many ways to do this kind of dashboard,the easiest thing I would try is to creat a simple search form that retrieves some very basic info from users, but the most important we want is the user ID.

After, we have the user ID, I would create 2 other content modules that gets the live value of the user ID to display the correct information on the module, so when ever you change the user ID on the URL, it will bring all info from that specific ID.

Does this makes any sense?

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